Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Take A Short Cut

It’s easy to work your proportions with shorter lengths, everyone needs a new crop top tout de suite! I shan’t deny the fact that I haven’t shopped for a new one yet and it’s right up on my to-buy list this time! (My shopping list never ends...) Midriff-baring crop tops have been and are still a roaring fashion staple that I’d totally deploy into my everyday looks for the too-hot-to-handle weather. What I love about these cropped tops - you don’t even need a tight core to work it. Trust me, it’s the boxy cut that makes your frame smaller, and the curved hem to flaunt the tauter part of your body. Get oh-so-perf looks with various styles - high waist midi, or a pencil skirt, or a high waisted pair.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014


I take my hat off to bloggers, I really do.
How do they find the time and commitment to sit down
and churn out blog posts after blog posts, regularly,
with wonderfully taken photos and interesting snippets of their lives.

In my defense, it really has been quite a crazy month.
April started off fine then all things went a little mad mid April
when we sent Hazel for a spay :(
This is going to be a 80% bunny post so bear with it!
If you have been following me on Instagram, you should know that Hazel
dislocated her hip recently and it was such a traumatic experience for her and me both.
My bunnies are my first pets and now I totally understand how pet parents feel.
To cut a really really long story short (or as short as I can)
basically, we sent Hazel in for her spay mid April and when
we collected her and brought her home,
she was lethargic but it was expected cos of the pain and GA she went through.
At least she was eating fine and she didn't lose her litter habits.
(sidetrack, Buns on the other hand, remained like a furry meatloaf for 24 hours, sulking)

I only realised there was something wrong the next day when she didn't seem to be
using her right hind leg and was holding it up as she moved around her cage.
Unfortunately, it was Good Friday and the clinic was closed
so we only brought her to the vet on Saturday.
But the vet didn't have an Xray machine so we had to clinic hop til we found one that does.
To be honest, I have never seen that many cats/dogs in such a short span of time.
The most amusing thing that happened was YC trying to look cool
with a hot pink bunny carrier on his lap while people go in and out of the clinic
with cats and dogs of various shapes and sizes.
And he was complaining to me that all he has is a pretty bunny.
So he kept waiting for someone to step in with a hamster. Or a chinchilla.
In his words, "anything smaller than a rabbit can already."
No one did. HAHAHAHAHAH.

Finally found a clinic to do an X-ray
and it showed that her hip joint popped out. Like literally.
It was sitting above the socket instead of inside it and the vet kept saying she must be in so much pain.
The horrors. And cos I thought she was eating, sleeping fine
(had to hand fed her water cos she somehow forgot how to drink from the feeder)
she wasn't in pain. Oh my brave brave bunny girl :(
So they did another op on her to try to push it joint back into the socket
and it didn't work.
Apparently, the ligament is so loose it keeps popping out despite how many times they tried.
So the vet advised us to keep it that way and wait for a false joint to grow back in her body
to accommodate her out of place bone.
Thankfully, 3 weeks down, she seems to be doing fine now.
Granted her right leg is still a tad wonky compared to her left,
but she is moving fine and still demanding head rubs and such.
We were assured that her quality of life won't be affected so give it another month or so,
hopefully she can be out and running about with Buns!

this is her goofy face, 2 days before her surgery :)

and this is how Buns is usually in the afternoons.
Asleep. with his paws prettily curled and feet stacked on top of each other. Haha.

i managed to grab a pic of her wonky right leg the day right after the surgery.
It is either her pain threshold is amazingly high or she is just one cool bunny.
She was already stretching out to rest even with her leg so awkwardly placed.

post 2nd vet visit, where they tried to put the joint back but failed.
She was confined to enforced cage rest, in her cage that I halved in size
so she won't run about and injure herself further.
Very grumpy as you can see.

I fenced up the area near her cage so Buns can't say hi
and make her so excited that she tries to stand up.
But that sweet fellow still plants himself as close as he can to her. Haha.

randomly he is shedding like MAD. I brush him twice a day (oh my back ache)
and if this continues, am very sure I can have a rabbit fur cardigan anytime.

and this is the sweetie that I head rubbed til she fell asleep :)
She used to be a super active bunny that sprints around the house
while Buns just brisk walks beside her.
I am not sure if this dislocation would change anything but she has gotten more affectionate
and slumps down to rest in all weird positions as long as she knows a head rub is coming :)

Okay, that is the end of my bunnymama report
and cos the month was a bit mad, I haven't had the chance to dress up much.

Wore this for a wedding dinner cos I figured everyone would be in dresses
and I wanted to be different :)
It is the SIMONE flare pants that is sold out online,
but we have a few pieces instocks at our retail rack at The Showcase (Raffles Xchange)
so you can drop by to try it on if you want to!

because I can't go a week without stripes :)

I find myself buying loads of such basic coloured crop tops
cos they go so well with printed bottoms or midi skirts.
MP has a new one on the site right now that I just got cos the fit is so flattering!
Am not blatantly advertising but it is really a wardrobe staple!

some old clothes I dug out from the depths of my wardrobe. Literally.

eh-hem. Refer to above caption with regards to Stripes in my life.

another one of those basic tops to go with midi skirts. Haha.
I have totally hopped on this midi trend so while I do have a lot of bottoms,
I have too little tops to go along so am frantically stocking up on tops these days.
We have a backorder going on for this offsie design if you are interested :)

and my latest OOTD with one of the first few WILLOW2014 designs!
I can't tell you how much I adore this cute little skirt but I already have it in 2 out of the 3 colours.
I don't even shop outside these days.
I just walk around the office and try on MP samples and end up buying them. Sighs.

It is another week or so before Sharms leaves for her maternity leave
and I am feeling a bit jittery.
I am not a good solo worker :(
I love having someone around to toss around ideas with, bitch about,
work together, talk rubbish and now it is like I am flying solo.
Short of sounding super mushy, but there won't be anyone in office whom I can go
"eh babe ah, can you.."
and have her reply "Yup, okay."
I don't even need to finish my sentence and she knows what I want.
Anyway, I am mentally giving myself a pep talk daily that sounds like
"2 months. Just 2 months. Then you have Sharms back. Oh and Korea."
And I foresee myself repeating that A LOT in the next 2 months.

Wish me luck peeps!
I have to hang in there!!!

much love,

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What to Pack For a Weekend Vacation

New blogger alert! This is Min taking over some blogging duties because Sharon and Kelly are really busy with Sharon's impending leave and such. Meanwhile, all these little holidays the past few weeks (Good Friday, Labour Day) make me wish that I can just go off to somewhere equally sunny but probably less boring than Singapore. Whenever I travel, there is only one thing in mind - my holiday-perfect outfits, apart from itinerary planning (since there’s always a travel companion to do the job, lucky me!). Well, if you’re thinking of taking Monday off during the Vesak Day week and have already made plans to enjoy a rustic getaway for the long weekend, I’m sure your jet-set self could use this as a little guide. 

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