Thursday, June 26, 2014

less is more

I have been putting off blogging like how I would put off a visit to the dentist.
I would get all geared up and go, "okay, today is the day I am going to blog!"
and then forget all about it and slunk away feeling guilty.
But my new resolution this month (?) is to get things into shape
so here I am, back again :)

Speaking of dental appointments, I finally scheduled one recently after ages
(i am sorry if you are disgusted and one of those who visits the dentist every 6 months
but I am not one of those and I have a HUGE phobia of dentists in general
so yup, have been putting this off since...more than 6 months)
and it felt so good to have a clean bill of health and know that yay, my teeth are clean!
And then that sparked off this whole rush of wanting to make sure
the rest of my body is in tip top condition and generally, being HEALTHY.
Which is not working out as well as I like cos..
geez, my lower back is giving me tons of problems.
It has been bugging me for about a month now with aches and discomfort
and on really bad days, I can't sleep or have to take painkillers.
I suspect that I probably strained it moving heavy stuff (all in a day's work)
and I doubt going to the doc would make it better.
Probably TCM would work but oh well, been procrastinating on that as well :(
It is really horrible getting old. I would have bounced back in days a few years ago
but look at me now. GAH.
And this whole backache thing means no gym, no yoga
(cos no way I can do a backward bend without killing myself)
the weird thing is.. I haven't gained weight.
The bad thing is.. my entire being feels sluggish and creaky
and I just want to have a good workout to sweat things out.
Just picked up swimming in hope that it would strengthen the lower back muscles
so wish me luck.

Another thing about getting old is my skincare regime.
I spend so much more time taking care of it now
and honestly, I find the "less is more" approach working better than my previous skincare regime.
I used to use expensive skincare products and while that worked for a while,
my recent bad skin scare made me throw them all out in favour of more basic stuff.
Like my Biore facial cleanser instead of my Fresh soy face cleanser.
Or my Avene eye cream instead of my Lancome Genifique one.
They work perfectly fine and I find that with good skin,
you can really get away with minimal makeup.
I think there was a period I was pulling out all the stops with
foundation, thick eyeliner, shadow layered over eyeliner, false lashes, blusher, concealer, loose powder etc.
And now, I usually just put on concealer, eyeliner, blusher and lip tint.
I have not touched my foundation in ages, my eyeliner line got much thinner,
my lashes are untouched and I think I lost my powder compact. Haha.

Like a naggy old mother, let me repeat.
You will thank me later. That, and an eye cream.
And if you use makeup, please use a makeup remover. ANY makeup remover.

I am also trying to eat better cos I find that adage
"You are what you eat" scarily true.
If I am having a particularly busy week and have been having deliveries or fast food
or junk food in general, my skin looks dull, I feel bloated,
I clomp around like a Buns.
I had one of those weeks recently and come Friday,
I already had KFC, Macs, Pizza Hut, chips, instant noodles
and I wanted to DIE.
Or rip my stomach out, empty it clean and put it back.
So I am trying to be more mindful of what I eat, bugging my mum for more homecooked meals,
brewing barley water to combat the weather
(you won't believe how proud I am to have brewed my first pot of barley water.
Even if it only yielded 2 cups but still.)
I am not on any diet but I do try to not eat too much in the day
if I know I am having a heavy dinner, or leave a portion of my food behind
instead of having it all.
Small tweaks but it helps :)

You really won't know how important it is to be healthy til you get old
and find that 4am mahjong sessions are no longer working
and that 8 hours of sleep can work wonders.
I am embarking on my journey of taking care of my body
be it with exercise, food, sleep or products
so that when i hit that damn Three-O,
I would not even know it.

My outfit shots are all in a mess cos I can't remember when did I take them
but I guess it doesn't matter :)

sold this really pretty tulle skirt some weeks back
and got loads of compliments that day when I wore it.
Well, except for YC. He thought I looked weird.

dug through the Narnia of my wardrobe for some old favourites
and unearthed this Zara skirt from last year.
It is kinda indecent cos it opens up when I walk though, muahhahaa.

no surprises that I would have a daisy top!
and I know you can't really see it here but the shorts have full crochet details in front
and it is just gorgeous in real life :)

the day I wanted to be a sunny side up.

or a zebra. Stabbing self here cos I wanted to get this LYN top in nude as well
then I forgot to remove a piece from system and now it is all sold out.
Also, I wore this when I went for Korean food and now when I look at it,
all i can think of is steaming sticky white rice, seafood tofu soup, galbi, pajeon..

One flatlay for lazy days to take ootds.
I am not kidding when I say I have developed a new unhealthy obsession with this fuschia colour.
You would know when you see MP upcoming collections. Heh.

in sharp pleats, acting sweet.
also note to self - need to decrease cost per use of bag.
It is severely underused.

In one of the prettiest prints i have used, I have no complaints about the workmanship of this dress.
The material is thick, textured, structured so the pleat panels fall nicely,
as per our last blog post, it is really perfect for weddings. Haha.

and one of my most recent buys - EMMA lace tee.
I like that it is slightly fitted and that it is longer than the usual crop versions
so I can tuck it in and not have it pop out.

I finally finished a blog post!! Well done me!
Am going off to have my strange dinner of wheat biscuits, peanut butter, soy milk & apples.
Erm, don't judge. I like weird food.

much love,

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Wedding Guest

We don't know about you, but whenever an invitation for a wedding party calls for a RSVP, we suffer from mild wardrobe anxiety days before attending a wedding. If you're like us, hold it together - we've picked out three outfits that aren't too casual and also making sure you're not overdoing your look.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

#MPXOOTD Instagram Contest & Giveaways

For all of you fashionistas out there, we are hosting a monthly #MPXOOTD Instagram contest! We love to see all your OOTDs and we want you to take your best shot wearing Missypixie! Set your self-timer, or get your best friend to snap a good pic for you while you're out and about, the rules are simple - follow us, tag @shopmissypixie and #MPXOOTD, get yourself in the running to win two pieces of your choice from our collection! Start shopping and get snappin'!

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May the best outfit shot win!