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The Tropical Edit

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

the kimchi diaries part two

I know it hasn't been long since I last went to Seoul
but the previous trip was more of babysitting my parents
and making sure we all don't get lost so this time round,
I have decided to make it an all girls' affair
and rounded some of my girlfriends for this!
Well, to be honest, one of them is there for a short course
and the two of us are just going over to bum cos hey! free accommodation!

Day One:
I started off my first meal with K-bbq
and I think I am too used to marinated meat in SG, the plain pork belly was okay
but the marinated pork cheeks were yums.

there is seriously no way to escape a K-bbq without smelling like the BBQ itself.
I am pretty sure this is why body mists are selling so well in Korea.

almost right after, we had patbingsoo - red bean shaved ice!
I had so little of this the previous time and mine were all not authentic
but this time we went to Dalsuda in Hongdae and I really loved it!
The toast was ermagawdgood with grilled mochi in between.
I just had K-barbz, but that didn't stop me from wolfing down half the toast.
We ordered the cheese toast but we all agreed that the cheese flavour is not that strong.
I probably would try the sweet ones the next time!

Day Two: Sinchon --> Edae --> Hongdae
I spent the next day doing my hair and eating/eating/eating.

i am terribly sorry for scaring you with such a huge selca
but I couldn't resist cos I had amazing bouncy just-blown hair
and I loveeeee it to bits.
The sad thing is that the previous time I did my perm in Seoul,
they 'magic straightened' my hair before curling it
so when I chopped off my curled ends, all I get is REALLY REALLY straight hair.
Like stick-straight-poke-you kind of hair.
(they do it all the time in Seoul so if you don't want it, just tell them beforehand)
And it depresses me. I have been curling it daily when I go out
but I think nothing beats freshly blown hair and the volume you get with it.

Side note: did you see that tiny tiny double eyelid?
Well, not really grew but it finally appeared after some persistent eyelid tape sessions.
I really have to thank my friend for recommending Too Cool For School eyelid tape
cos it is the only one I tried that didn't irritate my lids
and I started using them daily (only at night) about 4 months back
and now they stay.
-weeps tears of joy-
You have no idea how close I was to contemplating eyelid surgery
cos my parents and sister all have them and I am the weird one who didn't.
Granted, my eyes were not that small but the amount of eyeliner I used for it to be seen
is actually kind of amazing. Haha.
Anyway, now I have super hidden double eyelids but I am happy with it.
As long as it is there, all is fine.
Yes, I am THAT happy. :))))

in super bright colours and prints for a sunny summer day in Seoul.
Lynn keeps saying that I am going to be judged cos apparently,
the Korean girls don't reveal that much skin.
Speaking of which, it seems like they do have a penchant for tees/loose tops
and this very wonderful casual way of dressing that I adore.
There were so many fashion inspirations walking about in Gangnam
and I came back with this overwhelming urge to purge and re-do my entire wardrobe.

This was also the same day that I had 3 hearty meals
and plenty of snacks in between.
We ended the day with Yoogane (yes, it is in Singapore!)
and I was absolutely stuffed.
Contrary to popular belief, my stomach isn't used to having that much food
in such a short period of time.

We opted for marinated chicken instead of the plain Yoogane set
and added rice with cheese for this yummy gooey goodness.

Day Three: Myeongdong --> Samcheongdong
and so the eating continues.
Basically, my goal this trip was to cover as many food as possible
in the shortest period of time.
People go there with a to-buy list.
I had a to-eat list. Heh.

I started the day with my all-time fav Migabon porridge.
It was so good that we went back again just before we left.
Unfortunately it is in Myeongdong and I stayed in Hongdae
which meant a reallllyyy long trip to it but still,
will travel for good food.
I also tried the other famous porridge place - Bonjuk
but was really disappointed with it. I find the porridge itself too bland,
the side dishes really little and overall,
had I eaten that the first time I came to Seoul,
I wouldn't have liked Korean porridge at all.

another to-be-judged outfit! Muahahahhaha.
This time I think Lynn almost died cos gasp, she could see my belly. :(
But I really really love this top cos it looked like this Zara one I wanted to get,
except that was in cotton and hence looked like a sports bra
but this was in structured cotton so yep, much better.
Also wearing LEANN pleated skirt in white and I promise this is an absolutely non-sheer white skirt.
It is modeled after my own paperbag pleated skirt that I have in wine
except that was much shorter and had no lining.

we visited Samcheongdong that day as well,
which is indeed a very interesting and pretty neighbourhood.
Like an eccentric mix of new and old and quirky finds.
I scored a pair of rose gold loafers for just 19000 won :)

said rose gold loafers.

ended the day with a small meal of tteokbokki (rice cake) and eomukguk (fish cake soup)
I said small cos...this was just part one of the meal. HAHA.
I know street stalls sell this so you can just stand and eat
but we were lazy so we went to a place where we could sit.
It was a bit pricier (like 1000 won more) but worth it :)
I can't remember the name of the place but if you exit from Hongdae station exit 9,
walk straight and take the first left turn,
you will find it!
It is opposite some Thai massage place if I am not wrong :)

and THIS was the main highlight of the day!
all of my favs possible in one box. OH YUMS.
we ordered from Kyochon its orignal and honey chicken,
each box comes in approximately 25 pieces so yup, you are looking at 50 pieces.
And the three of us finished almost all of it. Eeeks.

You would think that is the end of the day right?
But no......

greedy bugger me made Chang cook me a bowl of ramen in the famed golden pot
(yes, I bought it just for the experience)
and just so that I can eat it from the lid.
I think it is a psychological thing.
It really does taste better. HAHAHA.
At this point, I am pretty sure my stomach has stopped functioning
and I was super duper full but boy, was I happy :)))

Day Four: Sinsadong --> Garosugil
Second last full day in Seoul and all I could think of was...
how to fit in the meals?
Hopeless I know :(

we went to Sinsadong Cafe Oui for brunch cos Lynn was craving some non-K dishes.
It is a really pretty place and the ambience was lovely :)

also ordered waffles cos everyone was having waffles
and it came with SEVEN scoops of ice-cream.

took tons of silly pics cos we didn't take a single one this whole trip
(if you were wondering about the eyebags, it is cos Lynn has classes daily
and we all woke up at 7am plus (6am SG time) and didn't sleep til 2am so yup...)

another apology but we wanted to attempt to look cute here
and I am normally disgustingly good at this but I think the impending bday
has casted its spell or something and now I look like I wanna punch someone.
Or myself.

I didn't manage to take pics but we had churros at Coffee Chu which was supposed
to be one of the good churros cafe.
The chocolate drink was GOOD but the churros...were kinda doughy?
Maybe it is just me and my non-authentic preferences for churros
but I find the street stalls ones at Hongdae crisper, lighter and more my kind of food :)

Day Five: Garosugil --> Express Bus Terminal
We actually wanted to go to the Express Bus Terminal the day before
but was too tired..so popped over to Garosugil to grab a clutch from a local brand
that I saw but didn't buy, before heading down to Express Bus Terminal.

the clutch, as well as random knick-knacks that I got for fun :)

tried patbingsoo at Sulbing this time round, another famed bingsoo place
but I find it less yummy than Dalsuda and the toast was thicker, so less crunchy.
Picked the honey butter toast this time and yup, sweet toast works better for me!

We walked a bit but the weather was blazing hot so we ran into a cafe for refuge.

Had seasonal fruit tart from Deux Creme Tarts, apparently one of the best tart places in Seoul.
We also picked Earl Grey Choco and that was really good as well.
Pity the tart base is kinda flaky instead of the normal butter base kind
but Lynn said they do have the normal base, just that we didn't pick it.
Worth a try if you are into tarts!

Didn't get much from the Express Bus Terminal this time round,
mainly cos it was the weekend and there were tons of people
plus the shops got pretty repetitive after a while.
Some stuff are cheaper than what I see in Hongdae, but pretty comparable to Edae,
the main problem I have is that they tend to repeat the same designs
(in fact, some things I saw last year were still on sale)
so if it is your first time, it might be a good trip but I won't be going back anytime soon :)

decided to have fried chicken again as our last dinner meal
and picked the Kyochon fried chicken this time. Bad choice :(
In fact, I had about 3 pieces then gave in and ordered another set of Honey Chicken
which I promptly finished with Chang.
The fried chicken was a little tasteless compared to Original or Honey
and not as juicy either :(
Also, one plate of chicken can fit 2 pax pretty well so you can ignore the sides. Haha.

did a last min late night shopping trip to Lotte Mart to stock up on stuff for friends back at home
and of course, had to lug Korean ramen back to cook in my (new) golden pot.

Lastly, spent my first birthday moments in Seoul with a supa-kis (watermelon and milkis) 'cake'
gifted by the girls and loads of cheesy moments captured on video.

Some old #ootds I took before I left:

all cracked up - in TRIXIE cracked marble skirt.

you should know by now I really like loose shirt, abstract prints, collarless shirts
so yeeeessssss, I present to you ABI marble shirt. Hahaha.
It is on backorder HERE and I am not opening BO again so grab it before you regret!

lastly, always always wanted to do a suit look with white shorts and white vest
and I just got my fav white shorts from Zara (perfect cutting for me!)
I really want to get it in all other versions as well.

It was a good trip but I am happy to be back
cos I have some bad skin jinx in Korea or something, but that's for another blog post.
Randomly, there are renovation works going on around my place now
and grumpy sleep-deprived bunnies are actually pretty funny. Haha.

much love,

Friday, July 18, 2014

tiny fingers, teeny toes.

if you've been following this blog for some time - hello again! i swear i haven't disappeared from the face of this earth, but then again i really haven't been out much... and you should know why!
if you're new this blog - hello too! let me show you the one single thing that has kept me busy (and awake) for the bulk of the two months that i've been away...

hello, you little thing.

by then i was so pregnant at 39weeks and 6 days, there was nothing more i wanted than for him to come out of my exploding belly.
had a rather quick delivery (thank goodness) and was in and out of the labour ward in 3 hours! 
postpartum was a nightmare; no one told me it would be that painful and uncomfortable even after the baby was out.. well let's just say i'm glad its over?! 

its been one and a half months now and what i can say is that it has been a helluva ride. i know its not easy being a mum, what more a first time one, but i wasn't expecting it to be this hard - the incessant crying, fussing about, waking up every two to three hours in the wee hours for night feeds, for expressing milk, and the likes. i have never been as sleep deprived as i am now, and time is no longer within my control. am typing this at godspeed now as he is lying in his cradle in a semi-comatose state, and when he wakes im back to slavery mode again. sigh. 

as with what all mums say, it will be worth it.
but when he's crying in the middle of the night for hours on end and nothing (and i mean absolutely nothing) can pacify him, i often find myself wondering.. SERIOUSLY? THIS IS WORTH IT? WHICH PART OF IT?! 
but sometimes that little face looks back at you doe-eyed; sometimes he smiles ever so sweetly (even though i don't know what he is smiling about); sometimes his little hand grasps yours, even for a short while - and trust me, you'll melt. you'll melt and then somehow, the statement rings in your head and it all makes sense.
it will be worth it. 

see what i mean?

for now, i'll continue to hone my patience and learn how to survive well on 5-hour sleep days.

randomly, first photos as a family of three :)

getting back to the daily grind next week and there are no bottoms in my closet i can fit into my expanded bottom. #FML
can't even start to diet as im breastfeeding so yes, a fatty i shall remain. 
but at least i have something to show for it? 

time to grab a quick lunch before the little one wakes. till then!


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pastels and Dresses

Freshen up your looks with our all-time favourite soft hues. Think sugary shades of powder pink, peppermint and limoncello. Are you ready for more pretty pastels in midi length skirts, floral ensembles and effortless separates in our weekly collections coming this July?

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