Friday, July 18, 2014

tiny fingers, teeny toes.

if you've been following this blog for some time - hello again! i swear i haven't disappeared from the face of this earth, but then again i really haven't been out much... and you should know why!
if you're new this blog - hello too! let me show you the one single thing that has kept me busy (and awake) for the bulk of the two months that i've been away...

hello, you little thing.

by then i was so pregnant at 39weeks and 6 days, there was nothing more i wanted than for him to come out of my exploding belly.
had a rather quick delivery (thank goodness) and was in and out of the labour ward in 3 hours! 
postpartum was a nightmare; no one told me it would be that painful and uncomfortable even after the baby was out.. well let's just say i'm glad its over?! 

its been one and a half months now and what i can say is that it has been a helluva ride. i know its not easy being a mum, what more a first time one, but i wasn't expecting it to be this hard - the incessant crying, fussing about, waking up every two to three hours in the wee hours for night feeds, for expressing milk, and the likes. i have never been as sleep deprived as i am now, and time is no longer within my control. am typing this at godspeed now as he is lying in his cradle in a semi-comatose state, and when he wakes im back to slavery mode again. sigh. 

as with what all mums say, it will be worth it.
but when he's crying in the middle of the night for hours on end and nothing (and i mean absolutely nothing) can pacify him, i often find myself wondering.. SERIOUSLY? THIS IS WORTH IT? WHICH PART OF IT?! 
but sometimes that little face looks back at you doe-eyed; sometimes he smiles ever so sweetly (even though i don't know what he is smiling about); sometimes his little hand grasps yours, even for a short while - and trust me, you'll melt. you'll melt and then somehow, the statement rings in your head and it all makes sense.
it will be worth it. 

see what i mean?

for now, i'll continue to hone my patience and learn how to survive well on 5-hour sleep days.

randomly, first photos as a family of three :)

getting back to the daily grind next week and there are no bottoms in my closet i can fit into my expanded bottom. #FML
can't even start to diet as im breastfeeding so yes, a fatty i shall remain. 
but at least i have something to show for it? 

time to grab a quick lunch before the little one wakes. till then!


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Anonymous said...

Congrats Sharon! Well done, you! :)

- Random reader and sometime MP shopper