Thursday, September 25, 2014

you don't wear my chains;

we're funny people. when we don't blog, we don't blog for a long time. and when we have the urge (or the time, in my case) to blog, we both blog within the week, haha.

im sure i've become much less interesting to follow anyway - 

no #OOTDs:  i still have 6 more kg to lose and my bottoms, 50% of which i can now squeeze into, are still goddamn tight. i can't fit into most tops due to my expanded bosom, and bodycon dresses now look simply ridiculous on my postpartum body.

no pretty #brunch pics: every meal out is a "lets eat as fast as we can before the little one wakes up". either that, or the hubs and me takes turns to pacify baby Z and there's always only one of us at the dinner table.. still eating as fast as we can so the other one can eat.
that said, i am proud to say that i have mastered the art of eating with one hand while holding a sleeping baby in another.

no #homecooked pics: there is simply no time for me to play in the kitchen anymore. any free time is spent catching up with my pump sessions / taking a nice 15min bath / gobbling my meal... or taking a nap, which sounds great but is actually not because in the end im always interrupted by Z, who cries every now and then in his cradle, eyes closed, and just wants someone to be there before he gets back to sleep. i get so frustrated by this that i don't do naps anymore. sigh. 

have i scared you all off having a kid yet? i hope not.

i wonder how many readers are actually mothers or mums-to-be? i feel like im blogging about non-relatable stuff but sadly.. i have dived into this motherhood thing and there's nothing else in my life to talk about but just that. its like i have totally lost myself as an individual - im reading mummy forums all the time, looking and comparing prices for babyware, buying and trying products to increase my milk supply (ugggh), thinking about how i should be decorating his room... 
any mums feel the same way?!

that said, i can't believe three months have zoomed by just like that. Z has grown so much in this span of time i'm already missing him as a newborn. oh the irony.

he's turning four months old in a week's time!
as one friend pointed out - with a kid, 'the days are long but the years are short'. feelin' it already.

every baby has to have a naked bathtub photo. or a collage, in this case.

pics of Z on various chairs!

and his greatest achievement to date - holding his own bottle!
which was cute but not anymore since now he battles with me for it -.-

i apologise for the babypic spam but that's all i have in my phone for now.
don't grow up too fast, you?

ok gotta end this abruptly now 'cos he's awoken.
back to being a full-time baby rocker and human pacifier, bye!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

the longest hiatus

I know, I know.
I have not blogged in such a long time, it is not even funny.
I thought I would have a more regular blogging schedule post Seoul in July but..
hmmm, I wonder what happened. Haha.
The thing is, nothing much exciting has been happening so far
so there is simply nothing to update :(
And my ootd frequencies are so random, it does not warrant a blog post itself weekly.

On the bright side... I am heading back to Seoul AGAIN next week!
I know it sounds a bit mad but YC had miles to redeem
and I went there twice without him but I really wanted him to enjoy that city as well,
so yup, there I am, going back again :)
As a joke, I have been telling people that it is because I have yet to complete all my surgeries.
I wonder how many really believed me. MUAHAHAHA.

I have been looking back at my previous albums the last 2/3 years,
and am suffering from post-second hand embarrassment from the outfits I used to wear. Haha.
And that, OMG, I had such gloriously long hair.
Gahhh, miss the hair. But not missing the lack of double eyelids. Hur.
And also wondering, how did I make the effort to put on falsies daily then.
Youth, indeed.

Let's see what I have been up to for the past 2 months.

this was my first OOTD when I came back cos I was still very much inspired by Seoul
and their penchant for loose tees and clean lines.

it could just be me but I don't recall seeing them wear a lot of colours
so I was stuck in mono-land for a while.

i also had some serious cravings for churros
(which they sell on the streets there but gah, you can't find that here)
It tastes different as well? SG ones are more doughy and I like mine crispy and light.
Can't wait for my Hongdae churros.

i like that this daisy cropped top doesn't fit snugly at the bottom
so there is more allowance for a belly that day. Haha.
And I took forever to adjust my gold ribbon hair tie that day so you can see it!

wearing another of my Seoul shirts. With my all-time fav high waist shorts.
Did I mention I got it in black as well?

In my deluded world, I like this high neck cutting for tops cos it shows off the shoulders
and I like to think that is the the nicest part of my body. Haha.

Loose shirts! I am not kidding when I say I have a collection of shirts,
loose, fitted, printed, striped, chambray and 10 over versions of white shirts.
And cos white shirts don't stay white for long, I just keep buying new ones to replace them.
I am officially known as white shirts girl in MP.
And stripes girl as well.

bought 2 outta 3 colours for our basic ribbed crop top cos it is so versatile.
And tried pairing rust with something other than black or white. Worked out pretty fine, no?

we released this comfy knit top in a myriad of colours over at the site already,
so just go pick one cos it is sooooo easy to wear, haha.
Paired my wine one with chambray cos I am guilty of doing wine and navy too often.

tadaaaaaa, the other ribbed top in white :)
And I permed the ends of my hair cos post Korea hair fiasco last year,
I ended up with super stick straight hair after chopping off my perm
and I hate it :(
Now i still tong it for more shape but it takes way faster
and it is making me change my outfits for some weird reason.
I keep wanting to wear quirky, vintage-y stuff like full skirts,
polka dots, printed shift dresses...

super attracted to this print on this skirt and just found out it is a Topshop print.
I is haz good taste. Haha.
And of cos, our WILLOW 'J'adore' mini bag in black.
Everyone needs a small black bag, trust me.
I am the queen of tiny bags. Haha.

and feeling exceptionally ruffled that day with this outfit.
My hair is making me do strange things. I am dressing up with themes. GAH.

lastly, cos no post is complete with this sweetheart,
here is an exceptionally handsome pic of Buns :)))
He is not very photogenic (sadly) so it is hard to get good photos of him
but look at his grumpy face here!
Wanna smoosh him into bits. Haha.

or you could have a curled up fatty bunny here too. Heh.

So that pretty much sums up my 2 months worth of outfits and now back to Seoul.
I actually wanted to try out all my products so I can see if there are any I need to restock
but obviously didn't succeed much there, except for this one below!

I am going to cart back dozens of this miracle little pot.
Innisfree Fresh Topping Pack - creamy base.
It was recommended by Lynnie, who said it was wonderful but I was mildly skeptical
cos she said most things were wonderful everywhere in Seoul anyway.
So she actually wanted the clay mask version which is super popular
and totally OOS when we went to Innisfree so we settled for this cream base version.
Basically, you choose a base and then powder/oil satchels of your preferred 'condiment'
(for the lack of a better word)
So I picked green tea (cos its hydrating and I love how it smells)
and Tangerine (cos the SA said it brightens our skin and both Lynn and me agree that as this age,
we need all the brightening we can get)
I posted a video of this on my Instagram (@passionade)
which showed me mixing together them all together to form a gooey mess
but it smelled like green tea and it was SO GOOD.
I did it immediately post-video and when I washed it off,
my pores got smaller, my skin was smooth and silky and WAAAAHHHHH.
I texted Lynnie to tell her yes, she was absolutely right. This thing is wonderful. :))))
The downside is, you can only get it at Innisfree Jeju stores
and I think the only one in Seoul is at Samcheongdong
and that once you open and mix this pot, you have to use it in 7 days.
I pretty much used it daily and I still couldn't really finish it
so you gotta either slather it on real thick, or share.
I tried asking YC if he wanted it but he just took a look at my green face and laughed.
Oh wells.

much love,