Thursday, September 25, 2014

you don't wear my chains;

we're funny people. when we don't blog, we don't blog for a long time. and when we have the urge (or the time, in my case) to blog, we both blog within the week, haha.

im sure i've become much less interesting to follow anyway - 

no #OOTDs:  i still have 6 more kg to lose and my bottoms, 50% of which i can now squeeze into, are still goddamn tight. i can't fit into most tops due to my expanded bosom, and bodycon dresses now look simply ridiculous on my postpartum body.

no pretty #brunch pics: every meal out is a "lets eat as fast as we can before the little one wakes up". either that, or the hubs and me takes turns to pacify baby Z and there's always only one of us at the dinner table.. still eating as fast as we can so the other one can eat.
that said, i am proud to say that i have mastered the art of eating with one hand while holding a sleeping baby in another.

no #homecooked pics: there is simply no time for me to play in the kitchen anymore. any free time is spent catching up with my pump sessions / taking a nice 15min bath / gobbling my meal... or taking a nap, which sounds great but is actually not because in the end im always interrupted by Z, who cries every now and then in his cradle, eyes closed, and just wants someone to be there before he gets back to sleep. i get so frustrated by this that i don't do naps anymore. sigh. 

have i scared you all off having a kid yet? i hope not.

i wonder how many readers are actually mothers or mums-to-be? i feel like im blogging about non-relatable stuff but sadly.. i have dived into this motherhood thing and there's nothing else in my life to talk about but just that. its like i have totally lost myself as an individual - im reading mummy forums all the time, looking and comparing prices for babyware, buying and trying products to increase my milk supply (ugggh), thinking about how i should be decorating his room... 
any mums feel the same way?!

that said, i can't believe three months have zoomed by just like that. Z has grown so much in this span of time i'm already missing him as a newborn. oh the irony.

he's turning four months old in a week's time!
as one friend pointed out - with a kid, 'the days are long but the years are short'. feelin' it already.

every baby has to have a naked bathtub photo. or a collage, in this case.

pics of Z on various chairs!

and his greatest achievement to date - holding his own bottle!
which was cute but not anymore since now he battles with me for it -.-

i apologise for the babypic spam but that's all i have in my phone for now.
don't grow up too fast, you?

ok gotta end this abruptly now 'cos he's awoken.
back to being a full-time baby rocker and human pacifier, bye!


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Anonymous said...

Hiiii! Just dropping by to say i wished the Taylor Chiffon Midi Skirt came in Maxi form!!! It's SO pretty and i'd buy all the colours if i could- the Cobalt is especially lovely!! Have always loved the skirts MissyPixie manufactured!! Keep up the great work!!!