Friday, November 28, 2014


its been seven years.

seven since we embarked on this as good ol' uni kids in the hope of earning spare cash. days and nights spent jewellery making before venturing into the business of apparel. headless shots by void decks, lugging stocks on trains, camping outside suppliers' stalls for first dibs, endless hours spent invoicing every single order (oh those livejournal days), late night stamp-buying and mail runs, the likes. after we graduated i spent a good (almost) two years dabbling in PR until i couldn't take the stress no longer, having to juggle two jobs. i was spent and decided to give this a shot.

and here i am now, deciding that i'm done.

its been a helluva ride. i wouldn't trade these seven years for anything else - the ups, the downs, the good, the bad, the ugly. and i wouldn't have chosen anyone else to have gone into this venture with.
so thank you for being the best partner you could have been.
and for understanding my decision no matter how much you hated it. 

"i could have held your hand for a longer time, but i could not have held it forever."

its hard to put every single thing we've done, learnt and felt together in these years into a blogpost, much less a paragraph or sentence. its even harder to pen down the rush of emotions and jumbled-up thoughts as they hit me in erratic waves. just know that i carry these years in my heart, and that i'm glad to have found such a steadfast friend in you.

so this is it - my last post on this domain.

going forward, i'll be helping the hubs in his own venture, and being the best mum i can to baby Z.
please continue to support MP and the solo warrior behind her. go, you!

til then, i'll see you all on the other side.
good luck, and good bye :') 

full-time mother, part-time everything else.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

oh. hello there.

Oh. Hello.
Why, this is awkward.
Coming back to blog is like meeting a very close friend.
That I have ignored for months.
Yes, kinda like that.
There are somedays where I feel like I am going to blog,
but then I log in and... I log out.
Cos I feel whatever I am going to say is just not that interesting.

The good thing is.. I have TONS of backlog photos from my Seoul trips,
ootds, (i will spare you the bunnies selfies)and some food shots here and there.
The bad news is... you are going to be looking at them. HAHA.

In no particular order, these are some of the kgs I have consumed over the months.
I am not really going to blog about my Seoul itinerary cos it is embarrassing.
I did nothing touristy but to eat and shop for skincare & makeup.
I didn't even go up Namsan with YC. Oops.
That said, here are some of my MUST-EATs when you are in seoul.

1. Bingsu
There is Sulbing (also know as Korean dessert cafe)
I realised why people might have difficulties looking for this cos the signboard is in Hangul.
And the both times I was there, either Lynn read it, or I read it.
So it looks perfectly fine to me.
Til I realised if you don't know Hangul, you would never know what it is. Haha.

So Sulbing's snow ice is really really fine.
You can blow on it and it goes everywhere.
And they do a layered kind of flavour where the ice on top is bland,
but when you get to the end, it gets better.
The thing is, as wonderful and famous Sulbing is, it is not my kinda of bingsu.
I like it. But I don't love it :(
The one you see here is cheesecake flavoured and if you love cheese, order it.
If not, a fruit one would be much lighter.
You can find Sulbing pretty much everywhere, it is like the MacDonalds of bingsu.

And then...there is Dalsuda. (yep, all in Hangul again so google it)
Dalsuda's ice is flavoured through out (i had green tea this time and it was DA BOMB)
and the ice is slightly denser. But totally melt in the mouth.
Plus I love its injeolmi toast more than other injeolmi toast.
Injeolmi toast is basically toast with a layer of tteok (rice cake) sandwiched in between,
grilled so it is all nice and chewy,
then flavoured with whatever flavour they have, plus a dusting of injeolmi (mixed bean) powder.
Dalsuda's toast wins hands down cos the tteok is thicker
and you can actually see it when you take a bite out of it.
Like a pizza. A Korean toast pizza.
The very sad thing is Dalsuda can only be found in Hongdae
and I didn't stay at Hongdae this time so I only had it once. Sighs.

I also had random bingsu where ever I went,
this was at Sinchon I think?
Basically, I googled bingsu + area I am at
and go where Google tells me to.
I am very obedient.

I went to Seoul and came back 2kg heavier. Like the heaviest I have ever been.
Largely cos I had BBQ daily, ramen nightly and sweets in between.
All the time.

The famed Honeycomb soft serve.
honestly? I am not much of a milk person so this was tad too milky.
But YC has a sweet tooth and loved it.
Then again, I think he loved everything...

thunderbomb from Remicone at Garogusil.
Very very insta-worthy. I don't normally like cotton candy
but this was absolutely fun to eat :)

I thought it was soft serve but turns out it was froyo!
It made me feel...slightly healthier.
Very slightly.

this is churros from Coffee Chu but I personally think it is still a bit too doughy.
My fav churros are from a street stall in Hongdae -
if you can find your way to Tony Moly,
facing it, enter the street on the right of it,
walk down and on your left, there should be a stall that sells churros with a yellow pull-up banner.
It is beside a chicken skewer stall.
The churros there are made on the spot so they are all light and crispy
and YUMS.
Get two. You won't regret it.

And next comes the series of... #fromwhereistandandthefoodiate

birthday brunch for YC's friend's baby girl! So different from usual birthday parties :)

we had brunch at Cafe Able at Garosugil where everything was really fresh
and they had really huge bunches of celery as garnish for the drinks.
I couldn't help but wonder why I don't see such nice leafy celery in SG.
I know, I wonder about very strange things. Sighs.

Palsaik. 8-flavoured pork belly.
I know you can get it in SG but it is so so so much cheaper in Seoul.
I go to the one at Sinchon!
Google 'Sinchon Palsaik', there are loads of directions, complete with pics.

A must-have! My fav Migabon porridge at Myeongdong :)

And now we are done with the food, let's bring on the clothes.
It goes something like..

my outfit for the birthday party!
The theme was blue or white.
I decided to cover all bases. Haha.

Seoul Day 2. A bright clear day after a cold gloomy one.
Dressed in PIPPA black from MP and training YC to be a good ootd photog.

Seoul Day 3 - spent the day being obviously non-Korean
cos it turns out no sane Korean would wear summers colours in fall.
Fashion faux pas - Seoul style. :(
Still training YC.

Seoul Day 5 - have given up on ootds cos I couldn't pose properly.
How about an accessories shot?
Bag & loafers from MP. I am very loyal as you can see.

Post Seoul week - DYING to wear the parka I bought
but afraid people might snigger at me
(mostly my own husband actually)

Post Seoul - lack of ootd inspiration starting.
Dreaming of beautiful stylish Seoul peeps.
Looking forlornly at wardrobe and hating it.
Decided to pay some tribute to fall fashion and wear some tartan.

Post Seoul - wore my Seoul top and the wally colours make me happy.
Start of a long long ootd drought.

It was Friday and I wanted to dress up a bit
so I picked this old chiffon palazzo pants and top combi.

yet another Friday so went back to old favs - stripes anyone?

still no inspiration so did a pink flatlay with some new shoes.
It is mad comfyyyyyy.
and I never knew I had that many pink stuff.

my latest ootd and I am still not feeling it.
On a sidenote, those shoes are LOVE.
You know somedays you wake up knowing what you are going to wear
and it sometimes goes on for days so every morning you are just so inspired
til you start to 'save' outfits?
Well, I haven't had one of those moments in a long while
and I am running back to my old basics and tried&tested combis.
This means a very boring Kelly.

On a more serious note, my emotions have been going through
some major ups&downs this past month cos of some news.
(ahhh, nope, there is no bun in this oven)
Somedays, I feel like I can take on the world.
Somedays, I feel like the bed and my blankie is the best place to be.
I don't wanna say much now but I am really thankful for all the love and support.
And when you read this.. I don't blame you ok?
I really really understand and no hard feelings.

Lastly, cannot resist.

"Whatcha lookin' at? You lookin' at me? Hmmmmm? I won't know...cos I can't see you anyway."

much love,