Friday, November 28, 2014


its been seven years.

seven since we embarked on this as good ol' uni kids in the hope of earning spare cash. days and nights spent jewellery making before venturing into the business of apparel. headless shots by void decks, lugging stocks on trains, camping outside suppliers' stalls for first dibs, endless hours spent invoicing every single order (oh those livejournal days), late night stamp-buying and mail runs, the likes. after we graduated i spent a good (almost) two years dabbling in PR until i couldn't take the stress no longer, having to juggle two jobs. i was spent and decided to give this a shot.

and here i am now, deciding that i'm done.

its been a helluva ride. i wouldn't trade these seven years for anything else - the ups, the downs, the good, the bad, the ugly. and i wouldn't have chosen anyone else to have gone into this venture with.
so thank you for being the best partner you could have been.
and for understanding my decision no matter how much you hated it. 

"i could have held your hand for a longer time, but i could not have held it forever."

its hard to put every single thing we've done, learnt and felt together in these years into a blogpost, much less a paragraph or sentence. its even harder to pen down the rush of emotions and jumbled-up thoughts as they hit me in erratic waves. just know that i carry these years in my heart, and that i'm glad to have found such a steadfast friend in you.

so this is it - my last post on this domain.

going forward, i'll be helping the hubs in his own venture, and being the best mum i can to baby Z.
please continue to support MP and the solo warrior behind her. go, you!

til then, i'll see you all on the other side.
good luck, and good bye :') 

full-time mother, part-time everything else.

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