Wednesday, February 11, 2015

solo warrior

and I am definitely more happening on Instagram (@passionade).
HORRORS. I know I took a super long hiatus from blogging
but I swear I really didn't have the time to sit down
and churn out a decent blog post.
(i didn't even have time to watch Masterchef, but that's totally not the point)
But now, here is my side of the story.

If you were expecting some juicy fallout between me and Sharms,
and an ugly split blah blah...
nah, sorry. Not that exciting.
The thing is, she has moved on to other things that are more important to her
at her current stage in life now,
and it was all done with well wishes.
I can't say I was not upset,
but not in the "i-am-gonna-stab-you-with-a-blunt-fork" way.
It could have been lurking around in the background for a while,
but yup, still shocking when she told me about it :(

So I have been fighting a solo battle since Nov when she told me
and then making hasty plans to keep the business going
while trying to figure what I want to do with it.
A change is definitely in store,
I really hope it is for the better
and I am praying for all the love and support to tide me through this year.
I have tons of plans for 2015,
both for myself, my family and MP
and some of them are conflicting so...
not too sure how the next half of the year is going to unfold.
And I seriously hate not knowing.

And also because this post is super belated, you get some pics from..

I told YC recently that I am like one of those deluded mums
who think their kids are the cutest beings around.
Cos I keep spamming my poor friends with pics of Buns
cos I find him adorable seems like only me and YC think so.
I promise I won't do this when I have my own kid.
(but seriously, how can you not love this ball of fur??!!)

and this is Hazel doing what she does best - chewing. on. anything.
she actually ate some glitter thingamy off the xmas tree.
I found gold glitter on her bunny lips. Sighs.

and my Christmas flatlay! Super proud cos I had fresh flowers for my party.
That is like one of the most domesticated thing I did last year. HA.

speaking of Christmas party, loooookkk!!
we even decorated the table.
(okay, lynn decorated the table. the rest of us were just poking around)

I didn't have a lot of ootds the past month(s) but I picked the few i liked!

my love for denim shirts came late.
But now i agree they are really pretty versatile.

i like stripes. With red. or with anything actually.

my caption for this pic was...
"twirling for ootd is the only cardio i do these days"
and the sad thing is.. I am not even kidding.
I stopped gym for half a year cos I had super bad lower back pain
aggravated by work and such, then following that,
I injured the inner part of my knee
(the doctor was baffled cos he says usually people injured the outer part
and I was too embarrassed to tell him it happened when I was bending down to switch off the TV
and something went pop and then, I also somehow managed to walk into my own fan. Hmmm)
so the only thing I could do was to swim.
And the nearest swimming complex isn't really that near.
So long story short, I have been very unfit.

and this is a happy outfit for a happy day
cos that was the day we booked our flights to Europe! YAY.

So traumatizing. I don't know how people do it.
I am so un-photogenic it takes forever to get one good pic of myself.
(and then I go back and look at my old MP studio pics and

that was also the day we went to a friend's dinner party
and she did the prettiest cold cuts & cheese platter.
Wow. If it was me, it will look nothing like this. HAHA.

A CNY flatlay from MP feat. MIA floral dress in black.
I am keeping the white for myself though and unlike past years,
this is the only year I have yet to plan the rest of my outfits.
Sighs. Am I too old to wear a tulle skirt? Cos I super duper love my tulle skirt.

one of my fav pics of Buns&Hazel cos I think this pic totally encapsulates their r/s.
Buns is forever the one giving in, being all protective of her, grooming her
and then, waiting with a super hopeful face to see if she would groom him back.
And he adores her so much everytime Hazel goes to lie down beside a wall,
he will squeeze himself between her and the wall so he can be all squashed up with her.
That's one happy bunny. And one not so impressed bunny. Haha.

anddddd the reason why I am finally able to blog.
I crashed YC's business meeting in Phuket and now he is out BBQ-ing with the team
while I just went to gym (WOW, FINALLY) and ended up blogging in bed.
I like life this way. Heh.

Okay, abrupt stop cos I am suddenly hungry
and am going to order room service.
On his tab.
-inserts big toothy grin emoticon-

much love,